Some of my favorite skincare products!

Hi! I wanted to share with you the products I use on my face to help give it that smooth look. Quite often I get asked how I get my skin to look so flawless. Well I don’t think it’s flawless but when you take good care of it makeup applies and sets better on your skin. For a long time I was having trouble with blemishes as well as it feeling very weighed down from oil in my pores. I have combination skin so the products I use daily may not be the same for your skin type so please keep that in mind when picking the right products for you. I have an oily T-Zone which is the forehead, nose, and chin while my cheeks feel dry most of the time. I have experimented with all kinds of skin care lines but what I found that has worked for me I can find at my local Target! Everyone’s skin changes every so often so you may have to switch it up from time to time. Things like climate, stress, daily activities, products you use, and so forth can affect your skin. I cleanse my skin every morning and night with St. Ive’s Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub followed by a oil free moisturizer. Every other night, or depending on how much/heavy the makeup was that day, I follow my cleanser with Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub. This stuff is amazing! I love Burt’s Bees scrub; it makes your skin feel so soft and moisturized after. Now I know what you’re thinking….”Why use 2 scrubs on your face, a little harsh?”. Well one is a cleansing scrub and the other is a moisturizing scrub and I use several makeup products on my face daily but that’s a whole other post. I do use a toner after cleansing my face and especially after the Burt’s Bees and like I said, I always finish with a good oil free moisturizer! Moisturizing your skin is SO important! Don’t forget to cleanse and moisturize your neck as well. Feel free to comment and share what products you love and what works for you or post any questions you have. You can always email me directly at 🙂




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  1. Love the saying…with my charms I’ll make you a vixen : )

    Your facial blog for flawless face is Fab idea to have and promote healthy skin. Keep them coming.

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