First things first, Primers!!!

Good morning, Vixens! Last time I gave you my skin care secrets. Cleansing, scrubs, toning, and moisturizing are all very important. Today I’m sharing with you what I do on myself and my clients to prep the skin for makeup! I use an oil-free and anti-shine foundation primer. It’s called, Sephora Collection Anit-Shine Foundation Primer. I’ve tried many brands but this Sephora primer is one of my favorites. I do love the Smashbox and Make Up For Ever primers as well. MAC’s Prep and Prime works well too, but a little too heavy for me. The Sephora one is my go to for most! It is very light and doesn’t feel like you’re applying a mask or clogging your pores with it. It dries quickly so you’re not wasting time waiting for the product to dry to apply your makeup. It’s paraben and synthetic free. It won’t leave a residue on your skin or start to rub off as you smooth it into your skin. It also holds up in this great Texas heat and humidity!

*For some reason I can’t post links at the moment 😦
If you want to know where you can purchase these products or want anymore info or recommendations for your skin please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help πŸ™‚



3 Replies to “First things first, Primers!!!”

  1. Love their primers too.
    What’s your take on nyx…. love their products.
    Any tips for falsies to apply and take off left over glue when they are off.

    1. I do use some NYX products. Occasionally I’ll use their eyeshadows and blushes. However, they’re not that pigmented for my personal preference. I use all of their lip and eye liners. I do use their false lashes. The Curve eyeliner that they just came out with is great!!!! Ardell false lashes are great too. As far as care for false lashes, you can extend the life to a few more uses by gently shampooing, rinsing and air drying after each use. I only use Duo lash adhesive. You can’t go wrong or mess up eith that brand.

      1. Yes I use those lashes and adhesive. Thanks, didn’t think shampoo could be used. I love nyx powder and lip sticks. Haven’t used their eye shadows yet cause I have gift box of ulta colors. Thanks for advice πŸ™‚ will try and book for make-up tips : )

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