Fall Beauty DIY: Pumpkin Face Mask

“Winterproof” your skin and help prevent dry, scaly skin, chapped lips, and redness!

It’s important to take preventative measures during this time before colder temps are here. A common skin concern during winter is dry skin. If dry skin isn’t prevented or properly cared for dry skin patches could appear. No one wants that! I was browsing the internet searching for a DIY mask and found this awesome recipe. It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Try it out and let me know how it worked for you!!

To help prevent chapped lips I normally use a lip buffer I get from Bath & Body Works. A more affordable and DIY alternative is to use things you already have in your pantry such as honey, sugar, and coconut oil! Just mix equal parts of each ingredient until you reach your desired consistency. You’ll want to make enough, about a quarter size, to smooth and buff over your lips. I make enough to put around the outside of my mouth too. Using sweeter ingredients is simply for taste but they reap all the essential benefits for your skin. Just use circular motions to buff and remove dry and dead skin from your mouth and lips.

I hope these easy and simple remedies help you in your beauty routine for the Fall and Winter seasons!

❤ Nell

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