The perfect summertime scrub!

Vixens, it’s summatime!!! That means showing more SKIN!  I am in love with this product. I picked this up on one of my frequent Target trips and can’t get enough. It’s so affordable and works excellent! Instead of making my own scrub or buying a more expensive one this is all I need. It smells so good and leaves my body so silky smooth and soft! I use it every couple of days and especially on those days where I’ll be wearing shorts or going to the pool. I have also replaced my shaving cream with this product! It’s amazing!!! I believe at my Target it was only $3.99. Small price to pay for HUGE benefits! I’m a huge St. Ives fan and this product is definitely one of my top 5 faves  Follow up with St. Ives collagen elastin moisturizer! Image

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